Multiple Apple Premium Resellers in Europe have told MacRumors that Apple has asked them to triple their iPad display space over the next few weeks, with one of the resllers claiming a deadline of September 12th for the adjustments to be made.

What this means, were not sure of just yet, but MacRumors have been told that this new space is coming at the expense of the Mac pro and Mac Mini range, which have been removed entirely from display, alongside displays of iPods and associated headphones.

This could mean that the rumors of a new iPad Mini are true, alongside the rumored September 12th Apple event which has been rumored for some time and links up with the suggested deadline date.

What is kind of weird, is why this space needs to be tripled and even finished before Apple has even released any new products, which could be a sign of a lot more to come than just the iPad Mini, maybe a new full-sized iPad.

At the moment this is all guess-work, but we should know more over the coming months, so keep looking out for the news.

Via [MacRumors]

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