At WWDC 16 Apple revealed new technology that will allow them to efficiently recycle old iPhones, called Liam the robot is capable of quickly disassembling an iPhone and splitting the parts from it for recycling.

Today Apple has revealed just how much money they are making from this, revealed that they have recycled 61,357,800 pounds of steel, glass, plastic, cobalt, nickel and other materials from this initiative just for this year.

The particularly interesting parts is the gold and copper that was recovered, however, the gold totaled 2,204 lbs according to Business Insider, which means that they made around $40 million just from that, however, there is more.

9to5Mac also went on to estimate that they took about three million pounds of copper, which should add around $6 million extra.

That said, Apple probably didn’t sell all of these materials directly, and it’s entirely possible that they used them to create new circuit boards, chips and other computing components for their products.

Put this alongside Apple’s other eco-friendly initiatives and Apple is doing well at becoming more economically friendly.

Sources: 9to5MacBusiness Insider

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