So a lot of tech blogs will often do posts that include numbers in one individual post, we don’t like them, we think they are hard to find, and segment all that information too much. So we have decided to put all of the numbers that have been revealed at Apple’s WWDC 15 conference right here, in one post.

So to kick things off Apple has revealed that WWDC 15 is the 26th WWDC that they have ever hosted, with attendees at the show from 70 counties, 80 percent of whom are turning up for the first time.

There’s also 350 student scholarship winners at the show, with 100+ sessions and 150 labs at the show that has 1000+ Apple engineers ready to go.


As the Keynote for WWDC 15 went on Apple continued to announce some more information about their stats.

One of the first stats come alongside their announcement of the new OS X, revealing that their previous iteration of OS X, OS X Yosemite has a 55 percent adoption rate.

This means that OS X Yosemite has the fastest adoption rate for any PC operating system ever, with Windows 8.1 at just 7.1 percent.

iOS adoption was at 83% for iOS 8, which is also pretty high compared to its competition, given that Android 5 had an adoption rate of just 5%.


Apple also announced that Apple Pay will be accepted at more than 1 million locations in the U.S. next month, which they say is four times that of the number at launch.

They also say that merchants are seeing more than a 2x increase in checkout rate among customers using Apple Pay in apps.

Apple also announced that over 15,000 apps are in the app store that use the Swift programming language, and in total Apple has achieved over 100 billion app downloads from the App Store since it first launched over 7 years ago, with a total of 30 billion dollars paid out to developers since its launch.

There are now 195,000 educational apps in the App Store. Apple says the average person has 119 apps, with 850 apps downloaded every second across the world, with a total of over 100,000,000,000 apps downloaded in total.

There’s also now thousands of apps on the App Store that work with the Apple Watch.

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