AQ Audio has today announced their latest speaker to hit the shelves, dubbed the SmartSpeaker A2 it will join the A1 in their speaker, priced at a lower point than the A1, most likely due to its lack of a rechargeable battery included.

But with the update you do get access to Apple’s AirPlay technology, allowing you to stream audio from iTunes, devices connected to an Apple Express, or a device running on OS X or iOS.

And if you are running Android, you can still connect, with a free Android app available that will allow you to stream music to the speaker.

Designed to work alongside other A2 speakers, or even the existing A1 speakers, the A2 will work with multi-speaker setups, for which the company has teamed up with the creators of the AirFoil application to offer a 40% discount on their multi-speaker streaming software.

The SmartSpeaker A2 will be available in a single pack for £129, or it can be purchased in a twin pack for £235, or a four pack for £454, allowing you to set up those multi-speaker layouts. And with interchangeable covers, you can stylize your A2 in either emerald-green, poppy red, african violet or orange zest.

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