The Cyclone is a new Bluetooth controlled helicopter from Arcade, which features a built-in gyroscope and Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to connect the helicopter to your iPhone iPod Touch or iPad via Bluetooth and control its flight.

To start flying you first need to download the iSuper Heli application from the App Store, this will allow you to make the helicopter fly up. down, left, right, forwards or even backwards.

Within the app there are various functions to help you along your flight, one of the first is the music playback function, which as you can probably tell lets you play any music from what you have stored on your device, whilst flying.

The next feature added is actually a really cool one and lets you record your flight-paths through the app and play them back for later use, allowing you to perform that same tricky maneuver you did a couple of days ago without actually remembering how you did it.

The next couple of buttons on the app allow you to land the helicopter automatically, which makes it great for beginners, and next to that they have also added a stop button which as you can guess will stop the copter in case of emergency, cutting power completely.

And that’s not even it as the Helicopter also comes with full gyro-stability and 360 degree rotation, making the Cyclone really easy to fly, alongside that there is a blue and red flashing light on the front which is a nice touch.

The Cyclone XL has to be one of the easiest budget helicopters I have ever flew, with a shed load of features making it great to fly if your a complete novice or an advanced flyer, the auto-land function is probably my favorite of all as it safeguards against you making the Cyclone fall to its death and just makes the experience a lot easier.

I also liked how well the iPhone communicated with the Cyclone, which proved to be a really responsive way of controlling the helicopter even over Bluetooth, which I thought might have been its downfall before I tried this product out.

One thing that I really liked about the iDevice integration is that you can use the built-in accelerometer to control the plane, which I also found to be extremely responsive and made the plane even easier to control whilst in the air.

And because the Cyclone has been made from a great set of materials, it is really rugged to. I let this thing fall to the ground quite a few times and it’s still perfectly fine.

One thing that I found to be kind of flawed is the battery, which takes an hour to charge but will only grant you about 15 minutes of total flying time, which is good for a Bluetooth helicopter, but not brilliant. I also thought the app could do with a clean-up to make the buttons a little easier to press when flying.

The Cyclone comes in a few color and size variations including large and extra-large, which can be in the color yellow and red.

The large is $74.99 from the Phones4U website, whereas the Extra Large is a bit more expensive at £99.99 on the Phones4U site.

Whichever you chose this helicopter is simply great, and is defiantly one to go for if you’re looking for a first time RC helicopter, simply because how easy it is to set up and get going.

Make sure you check out Phones4U for a lot of great products to go with your mobile phone, like the Cyclone. Also we will be updating this post in the near future with a video of the Cyclone Xl in action, we would have added it now but we have had the typical British windy weather for the past few weeks, so that will have to wait a little longer sorry 🙂

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