Archos has today revealed what they will be previewing at this years CES, announcing that they will showing off some of their new “connected devices” during the show, including devices such as an activity tracker, scale, blood pressure monitor, weather station and a tablet.

At the moment there’s not much information on the products themselves, but given that CES kicks of in just a week we should know a lot more about the devices soon.

Archos did however reveal that all of these “connected devices” will be monitorable in real-time via applications for both Android and iOS, allowing users to use actions like turning on lights, recording video with motion and tracking various other data such as  indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, CO2, pressure and other readings, along with national and historic levels for comparison.

There will also be a second app previewed during the show, called the Connected Self app it will work with a number of the companies health devices, allowing users to track body fat with the connected scale, or measure footsteps and burned calories with the activity tracker. There’s also a blood pressure monitor that will work with the app.

Also tucked into the press release was the mention of an iOS/ Android compatible wearable, mentioning its “pebble-like design” and its price tag of under £50.

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