Archos has today launched their new Smart Home accessory, which comes after the company first revealed it at CES 20114 in January, which is a range of accessories that includes items like motion sensors, mini camera, alarms and smart plugs, all of which use Bluetooth LE to connect to a central hub, which is an Android based tablet that Archos call the Smart Home Tablet.

All of this will also be scalable, meaning that the use can add the elements as they need more within their home, allowing the system to be fully flexible.

Archos also revealed that the system could be used for things like taking a photo when your front door, which can then be sent to the users Android or iOS smartphone.

archos home automation 1

These “Connected Objects” will be available in a Smart Home starter pack for £199.95, which includes the Smart Home Tablet, with two Mini Cams to take pictures, two Movement Tags to detect movement, two Weather Tags to measure temperature and humidity, and access to the app Tasker, which allows the user to tie actions to triggers, allowing the user to set tasks that can load certain actions from anything like time or location.

Users will also be able to buy the Connected Objects as stand-alone products, with prices starting at £29.99 per product.

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