It’s a high possibility that 4K will become the standard resolution within the next few years, we already have it in our smartphones, tablets, DVD players and even in our game consoles, but all of that means nothing if you don’t yet have a 4K television.

There are a lot of options out there when looking at 4K ready TVs, but there are only a small few that have truly built upon and reached the needed standards of 4K.

Sony is definitely one of those few. That is because Sony not only provides 4K HDR products for you to purchase in your home, but they also build the very equipment that a lot of 4K content is created with, from the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory all the way up to huge blockbuster films like Ex Machina.

In the following video fro AVForums, Peter Sykes the Strategic Technology Development Manager at Sony Professional Solutions Europe, Spencer Stephens the EVP Chief Technology Officer at Sony Pictures, and Gavin McCarron the Technical Marketing Manager at Sony Europe explain this in further detail, providing you with the latest information on why they think Sony 4K HDR TVs are the best around.

Check that video out below.

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