Today Arianespace Kicked off their sixth launch of the year with the third Ariane 5 mission launch in 2017 from the company, who launched the rocket along with two satellites for ViaSat Inc and Eutelsat later today.

These satellites are the ViaSat-2 and the EUTELSAT 172B, which are the 558th and 559th satellites to be launched by Arianespace.

It is also the 289th mission by the Arianespace family of launchers, who are working to increase global connectivity on Earth.

The ViaSat 2 satellite will occupy the upper position of the Ariane 5’s dual-payload stack, weighing 14,149 pounds, it is the highest-capacity satellite that has ever been launched and is capable of beaming broadband connectivity across North America, Central America, the Caribbean, parts of South America and trans-Atlantic air routes.

It was manufactured by Boeing and uses specifically designed Ka-band communications.

The second satellite is the Eutelsat 172B, which will be used to transmit video, data broadband and in-flight connectivity to the Asia-Pacific region, as well as to trans-Pacific airliners.

These two payloads have a combined mass of approximately 23,953 pounds, a record heavyweight payload for a commercial satellite launch.

All of this was successfully launched with two extremely powerful stage boosters and a third main stage that took the satellite the rest of the way once the boosters had separated.

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