Gaileo comes from the people who brought us that awesome device called the Gorillpod, and allows you to control your iPhone’s movements remotely, and not some picture-taking remote button, we mean movements of the phone itself, yes the Galieo will allow your to rotate your iPhone 360 degrees by swiping on another service.

This was first designed so the producer could call his child easier, as he found during calls his son would move around the room and he wouldn’t be able to see, but this device could also be used for video conferencing, a baby monitor, photography projects, or even like in the video checking out the belly of your car.

The device will come with a 1/4 tripod mount, rechargeable lithium polymer battery, which is a dock when not in use, the project is available on kick starter for as little as $85, and has already reached its goal in just a few days, watch the video and check out the link below for more info,


Via [Kickstarter]


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