During this last week we have seen a tremendous influx of information forming around the new Assassin’s Creed 3 game, finding out new information about it’s setting, characters and gameplay nearly every day, but according to there website that’s not all as Ubisoft are now hinting at even more details to come soon.

We found this out thanks to the countdown clock which has been fixed above a snowy American field on the website for the game, promising something new to be revealed on the 5th of March at 12:00 EST.

It is extremely hard to guess just what could be revealed as more or less every piece of information already has, with new artwork revealed just a few days ago, after which the details of the hero where shown off, leaving more or less nothing left.

So it looks like we will just have to wait till that countdown clock hits zero, but there is just a couple of things left, including a trailer , or even some details on the multiplayer side of the game but both of these seem unlikely as the game is still not set for release until October.

What do you think? What will Ubisoft reveal?

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