Astro Gaming have today announced a new partnership with Electronic Arts that will allow them to release  new set of A30 and A40 headsets designed specifically for Dead Space 3.

Dead Space 3 will be launching on February 5th 2013, however the headsets are available today and will pack six sets of exclusively designed speaker tags for the A30 and A40 systems, still with the same design you simply pop one of the tags onto the side of the headset to style your gaming gear with some Dead Space goodness.

As you may already know Dead Space 3 will feature the next stage of Issac Clarke’s journey through space in an attempt to find the mystery behind the Necromorphs, who are some f**king scary creatures, however with Dead Space 3 there’s a new level of gameplay with the addition of co-op gameplay Check out our first impressions of the demo here.

The Astro Gaming Dead Space speaker tags are available today from the company’s website, three sets of which for the Astro A30 will cost $19.99 and the Astro A40 for $24.99, however the tags will also be available bundled with the headsets themselves, the A30 for $209.99 and the A40 for $259.99, no news on a UK price tag yet however.

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