LG Electronics released a new premium notebook to their long line-up of computers and laptops, the notebook is called the LG A530 and enables users to create and share their 3D content, the laptop has a 15.6 inch Full HD 3D LCD screen with a dual 3D webcam, which you can shoot your own 3D videos and photos.

Currently LG is the leader in the 3D laptop market, with their wide selection of PC’s with 3D compatibility, as well as it’s 3D playback the LG A530 can also be connected to other LG 3D devices, which includes their smartphones, TVs and monitors, as well as this you can upload your content to YouTube to share across the internet.

LG have also included their own 3D Space software with has a brilliant user interface allowing you to view you videos, photos, games and movies. Alongside this LG have patented new Film Patterned Retarder technology allowing you to view all of your 3D content for an extended period without any eye strain or dizziness, as well as this LG have thrown in some free lightweight 3D glasses and clip-on.

Alongside this LG have also included an SRS Wide 3D Sound system for an immersive sound, as well as this the LG A530 has an Intel Core i7 processor with 8GB’s of RAM, providing twice the power as well as 60% faster speeds than Intel’s previous i7 processor, alongside this the A530 also has it’s own Nvidia GeForce GT 55M graphics card.

In the terms of storage, the LG A530 has two hard drive’s, one of which is a 4GB SSD linked to a 750GB HDD drive allowing the laptop to boot much quicker than the competing laptops, as well as this the A530 also has fingerprint access allowing for a quicker and safer log-in.

If you want a 3D laptop with loads of great features LG’s A530 3D laptop is defiantly the one to choose, personally I cannot wait to use one, so if you do have one make sure to send us your review of it via to button below, and do not forget to follow us on Twitter @technuttyblog.

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