Earlier on in the week we saw some rumours and leaks about Asus’ latest VR/ AR device, the ZenFone AR, which uses Tango and Daydream technology in a single device.

The device is set to be the second device to be launched with the Tango sensor, featuring a sensor around the back that will allow it to provide its users with a mobile AR experience, this is combined with a fisheye depth sensing camera and a 23-megpaixel Sony IMX318 camera sensor.

The smartphone also features a 5.7-inch display that has a 2,560 x 1,440-pixel resolution.

The smartphone also features a Snapdragon 821 processor inside with 6GB of RAM on top. The ZenFone AR will also come with a 5-magnet speaker system that uses the DTS Virtual Surround Sound system with Hi-Res audio.

To cool all of that, the smartphone will use a “sophisticated vapor cooling system”, which we don’t know much about but expect it’s basically a liquid cooling system for a smartphone.

We don’t yet know about the pricing or availability for the device, however, we will be sure to let you know as soon as we hear about that.

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