Asus has this week revealed a brand new gaming mouse that has been designed specifically for massively-multiplayer online (MMO) games.

Called the Asus ROG Spatha, the mouse has been constructed from a magnesium allot, featuring the Asus easy swap switchable socket design, along with programmable RGB LED effects.

There’s a total of 12 programmable buttons on the mouse, with six thumb buttons on the left-hand side of the body, all of which have been designed for tactile feedback according to Asus.

The main left and right buttons also feature OMRON switches, which is said to last for a total of 20-million clicks. The mouse itself also has a sensitivity of 8,200 DPI, with a DPI clutch that allows for switching between two sensitivity levels during a game.

It is also capable of being used in both wired and wireless modes, and it features a polling rate of up to 2,000 Hz in wired mode, with a high-speed connection for the wireless mode.

It can also be charged whilst in wired mode, or when in the charging dock if you don’t want any wires hanging around.

We don’t yet know the pricing or availability for the new mouse, however, we expect that Asus will reveal that soon.


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