Today Asus revealed a couple of new graphics cards that have designed to be used with mining cryptocurrency such as Bitcoins with their PC specifically. These are the Asus Mining RX 470 and the Mining P106.

Both of these cards have been engineered to deliver the maximum hash-rate performance for their price range with a design that has been built to manage the demands of virtual coin mining, with a focus on being able to run 24/7.

But really, they are cards with a few boosted specs from some of Asus’ previous cards.

The Mining RX 470 is a customised version of the RX 470 and the P106 looks to be a version of the GeForce GTX 1060.

The RX 470 comes with a single DVI connector, whereas the  P106 doesn’t have any video output, but it does have a magahash rate that has been boosted by up to 36% when compared to the normal version of the card.

They also come with a GPU Tweak Tool that will allow you to modify the voltage and the clock speed of the cards easily. Asus also says that both feature their Super Alloy Power components with a durable design and their dual ball-bearing mechanism, which will reduce levels of friction and claims to increase the lifespan of the card’s fans.

Both are also resistant to dust and are certified to IP5X.

Unfortunately, we don’t have pricing or availability details just yet.


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