Asus has today announced a new computer that is certainly interesting, called the GT51CA, it is part of the Republic of Gamers (ROG) range and features a sleek clean look with a tiled chassis design,that not only looks extremely futuristic but also features a secret surprise.

That surprise is that this gaming PC is not just a gaming PC, as it has also been paired with a wearable to provide some personalised features and storage.

Asus ROG GT51CA wearable

Looking similar to a fitness tracker, the ROG bracelet features an NFC chip that can be scanned by the front of the PC, and when detected will unlock the overclocking mode and the hidden hard drive space.

That not only helps you to feel like James Bond, but also separate a drive for your most personal files, and keep those files secure.

It also features a ton of  customizable lighting that can range from the whole spectrum, with a cool set of specs for great gaming performance.Inside you will find either an Intel Skylake Core i5-6600K or Core-i7-6700K processor, both of which can be overclocked easily.That CPU also comes paired with DDR4 RAM up to 64GB, alongside either a GTX 980 single/twin GPU, or a Titan X card with 12GB of GDDR5.

It also has 3TB of hard drive storage, along with an SSD that is sized depending on your choice, alongside the M.2 interface for combining drives in a RAID0 config.

No pricing or availability has been announced for the rig yet, but we will let you know if it is revealed.

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