Sometimes Apple’s pre-installed Music application is just not enough, with a lack of EQ settings and no way to make what you play actually sound good, Audyssey recently released a solution to this however with the release of the new Amp application for iOS.

Available from the iTunes App Store, the Amp Audyssey Music Player will allow you to fine-tune the music you play on the fly without making you adjust about 20 different settings before you find the right one. It manages to do this by tweak the sound based on the brand and model of the headphones you are using, with a database of over 200 headphones and earphones you simply select the cans you are jamming and the app does the rest.

audyssey amp1

Once you plug-in a set of headphones it will automatically ask you if the set you are using is the set you first choose or different, you can then add a new cans to the application through the same process as before.

The great thing is (unlike many applications like this on the app store), the app actually works and you can notice a real difference with a full and rich sound, I found that the app actually made my headphones sound like an entirely new set.

The app itself as an amazing clean a sleek Ui, just as you would expect from an Audyssey product, linking perfectly with the in-built iTunes library allowing you to play your tunes from a library, selection of artists, albums and even listen to audio books and podcasts.

Within the Now Playing screen you can skip forward and back between tracks, pause, change the volume and even turn shuffle  repeat on and off and fast forward the track itself.

Within the Audyssey settings section of the app you can also customise the sound from your headphones to add more highs or lows and even change the bass and treble response.

For 69p this app is defiantly something to look into if you’re looking for a way to make your music sound even better, I did find a small problem when playing with the app that they sound probably fix, if you have videos within your library the application will not be able to load them as of course they are videos, meaning you will be left with nothingness every time one comes round to play.

How that is just  slight bug with the current version and will likely be fixed soon, if you what to check it out you can find out more at the link below.


iTunes App Store Link


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