You may remember that we reviewed the Lower East Side Media Speakers from Audyssey just a short time ago, well now we have managed to get our hands on the new version of the speakers dubbed the Audyssey Wireless Speakers, which as you can guess now include Bluetooth to wirelessly connect to your Bluetooth capable device, all be it a smartphone, tablet or even PC.

The speakers themselves look a lot like the media speakers in terms of design, apart from the fact the Lower East Speakers were black with a red trim and these new wireless ones are white with a black trim, which I actually prefer.

Carrying on in terms of design, the speakers themselves are elevated from the desk via a metal bar which gives them a nice sleek look, sure to go well with that new monitor, and the fact that they are white and black means that in terms of color they will defiantly match any other devices you may have on your desk.

On the front of the right speaker there’s a volume knob, headphone jack and power indicator light, which shows how simplistically these have been designed, with no branding staring you in the face each time you look at them (there is some round the side however).

The volume knob itself controls more or less everything to do with these speakers, allowing you to turn them on and off with just a short press, and of course change the volume by simply turning the knob itself  there is another button around the back however which is used to control the Bluetooth functionality, allowing you to turn it on/ off or even pair with a new device.

Also on the back is the speaker wire ports and on the right speaker there’s also a power cable slot and audio in port, which leads us to one of the drawbacks to these speakers when compared to the Lower East Side speakers, they don’t include an optical audio input, so if you were thinking of upgrading from the media speakers make sure to take that into account.

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In terms of size the speakers measure 9 inches tall, 4.9 inches wide and 6.8 inches deep, with a total weight of 7 pounds, they also pack a two 0.75 inch tweeters, two 3-inch woofers and two 4- inch passive bass radiators  which helps to provide that great sound without taking up a ton of space on your desk, as there’s no subwoofer all you need is space either side of your desk and your good to go.

The clever thing about these speakers however is the technology Audyssey have built into them with Audyssey Bass XT, Audyssey EQ and Audyssey Dynamic EQ all of which have been built-in to provide a richer and better sound than anything near its size.

Bass XT for instance pushes the speakers passive bass radiators to provide deeper note, whilst Audyssey EQ keeps common acoustical distortions away, keeping audio “clear and balanced audio in all situations.” and to top it all of there’s the added extra of Audyssey Dynamic EQ which makes “continuous adjustments to account for the way humans hear at different volume levels.”

Much like the Lower East Side speakers, the Wireless Speakers sound absolutely amazing for a 2.0 system, especially when compared to other 2.1 Bluetooth audio systems I have heard in the past, these sound a lot more puncher whilst keeping audio clear and crisp, spoken word is especially great with these speakers, I watched a few films on these and I have to say the clarity of them is almost just as good as my 7.1 system, and even without a subwoofer there’s just enough bass added in too, I also found these great for gaming, I have been playing Halo 4 on them since it released and I found they really improved my perception of what was going on during the game, I could hear gun shots clearly and even notice when someone was creeping up on me.

However I must say, these are not meant to be used as a media system and are more for every day activities, such as listening to music are watching YouTube videos and as such will not outperform a system with a subwoofer in terms of bass percentage, so if you’re looking for that, your out of look, however if you’re not these are some truly great speakers to sit back, relax and listen to music the way it should be played.

The Audyssey Wireless Speakers are currently available to buy from $249 at laces such as Best Buy in the US, however I could not find any details on any UK pricing so I will have to get back to you on that, however do not let the price tag scare you off, as these are some truly awesome speakers, as I said in the review for the media speakers, the sheer quality of sound and even design makes the Wireless Speakers from Audyssey worth it.

These speakers were provided to use by Audyssey for review purposes, but I assure you all my views and opinions on this product are my own.

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