Let’s take a look at the Audyssey Wireless speakers. If you remember my Audyssey Lower East Side speaker review, then you will be familiar with the basics of these speakers. The main difference, besides the white color, is that this set supports Bluetooth connectivity. These speakers also support a mini jack connection as well.

The main downfall for these speakers, in my opinion  is that with these speakers you will still be tethered to a power cord, so the mobility is not really there.

Other than that, these are a great set of speakers for general use. If I didn’t have a home theater system, and needed some better sound from TV, these would be a GREAT option; or in small spaces like a dorm room or small apartment, these speakers are a very good choice. Great highs and mids, good sounding bass, but not room filling bass, make these a great set of what I will call “enchancing” speakers. Let’s take a look!

You can find out more about these speakers on Audyssey’s website, also make sure to check out our full written review here.

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