It’s not often that we review lighting here on TechNutty, in fact, we never have, but when Aukey asked us to review some of their products, we couldn’t resist taking a look at their colour changing and dimmable LED bedside lamp.

The lamp isn’t any bedside lighting situation, providing a 360-degree lighting angle that can display a range of colours from a selection of 256 multicoloured lights and 3 white lights.

To use it, you simply plug it into a socket and then touch the lamp to turn the lamp on/off. To get the colour options you simply need to long press that same metal base for 3 seconds to auto-cycle between the 256 available colour options, tapping the base again during any one of these colours will select the colour to be shown continuously, until you tap the base again.

This is a pretty simple control scheme that makes it easy to use, however, the white light controls are slightly annoying as you have to cycle through all of them to turn the lamp off, if this is something that you are doing at night then you might find yourself blinded by the third option.

In terms of its design, the bedside lamp is 9-inches tall and has a compact footprint of 4.0 x 4.0-inches, which makes it pretty great for bedside tables of any size.

It also fits a design that is likely to fit in with any environment.

The whole light is extremely simplistic while looking quite premium but all at a budget price tag. It has also be rated at 450 lumens and features an energy-efficient light that is said to last for up to 35,000 hours.

If you are looking for a simple lighting solution to light up your room or just provide some accent and at just £25, it’s a great budget option for providing some colour to your home. That all said, it doesn’t offer any smart features and won’t work with something like a smart plug due to it not turning on till you touch it.

So if you are working on building up smart home tech then you might want to spend a little more.

[alert type=white ]Disclosure: Aukey sent us a sample of this lamp for the purposes of this review.[/alert]

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