When Apple announced that they had courage during their iPhone 7 reveal they told us all to either forget about the 3.5mm headphone jack and start using Bluetooth headphones and as more manufacturers make a similar change, we need to start looking at some of the best options to do this with.

The problem is that a lot of the Bluetooth headphone options are pretty expensive, aside from the one that we are going to be reviewing today, the Aukey EP-B37.

These headphones are pretty interesting because not only do they look great but they are also extremely cheap at just £17.99 on Amazon.

But even with that tiny price tag, the Aukey EP-B37 are actually pretty decent Bluetooth headphones, they have decent high and low-frequency output that should be good enough for most use cases.

Of course, they aren’t going to replace high-end or mid-end headphones anytime soon, with a low-performance bass response that could do with a bit more oomph. That said, if you just want to play music on the go, then these will definitely be a great option for you.

They also have a pretty nice design, both earbuds have a magnet inside that allows you to easily clamp them together when not in use, stopping them from dropping off of your neck or helping you to reduce entanglement when they are in your pocket, while looking great out of your pocket with a sleek metal design, a flat cable and an in-line remote, which isn’t too heavy that it makes the headphones top-heavy, but also feature-full so that it allows the in-line to not only provide you with a microphone, but also controls for adjusting the volume, playing/pausing music, or skipping tracks.

That microphone is also pretty good and I had no problems with the quality when I was using it during a call.

In terms of their other specifications, the Aukey EP-B37 headphones come with Bluetooth 4.1 technology with A2DP, up to a 33-foot wireless range and compatibility with the iOS, Android, Windows, and other Bluetooth enabled devices from around your tech drawer.

It also comes with an in-built battery that Aukey says that will last for 4.5 hours in use, or for 180 hours in standby and then recharged via the micro-USB input within the in-line remote. In use, I found this to be quite true, and I would easily get about half a day out the headphones.

And the great thing is that they recharge very quickly, I was repeatedly able to get that charge back into them in just under an hour, so you could definitely get some juice back into them in your downtime via something like a power bank.

They also come with a total of 3 earbuds, with a sports earbud option that means that the headphones can fit into a range of ear sizes, and even secured with that sports earbud.

All in all, I really like this set of headphones and I would definitely recommend it as something simple for anyone who just wants a set of Bluetooth earphones that get the job done. if you are a bit of an audiophile then you are going to need to spend a bit more money.

[alert type=blue ]Disclosure: AUKEY sent us a sample of this product for the purpose of this review.[/alert]

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