Aurisonics recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for something they are calling the next-generation of in-ear monitors, dubbed the Aurisonics Rockets, the in-ear earphones have been designed to be worn deeper in the ear canal without causing any extra damage to the ears.

Already achieving over $120,000  at the time of writing tis article ($100,000 over it’s $20,000 goal), the in-ear earphones use a patent-pending tri-tab silicone retention collar that can block out up to 24dB of external noise, resulting in a sound that’s clear a crisp without the need to add noise cancellation or any batteries.

Aurisonic’s says that the earbuds are also extremely comfortable, stating that they will sit so securely in your ears without falling out, that you can even sleep comfortably whilst wearing them.

Alongside all of that, the headphones have also been built using a titanium shell and a Kevlar tri-weave cable, so they should be pretty sturddy, but if they are not, Aurisonics have said that they will be including a lifetime 5-year warranty with any pair of the headphones.

They should also sound pretty good to, thanks to the in-built 5.1 precision dynamic driver and special tuning, that Aurisonics say will result in an even and weighty sound.

The Aurisonics are now available to those who pledge between $149 and $169, the higher the pledge the better the reward as with any Kickstarter campaign.

You can check out the headphones at the link below, or if you want to get a quick look at them with some more information, check out the video below.

Source: Kickstarter

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