Recently Audyssey sent us over a set of their Lower East Side speakers which are some off the best looking speakers I have seen, alongside there looks the media speakers allow you to connect to more or less anything via 4.5mm jack or an optical cable, which means you can use your iPhone, PC, Apple TV etc. with the device.

The best part however is of course there overwhelming quality, with Neil’s review he talked about how the highs where extremely crisp, in the terms of low I should not that these do not include their own subwoofer as such you will not receive a lot off bass, but the bass is still notable, so much so Neil mentioned that they actually rumble across his desk.

There are a few cons with the product as although they have extremely crisp audio, Neil felt that the mid was not really there, another problem lied with the sleep mode which has been mentioned by a lot of sites around the web is that once the system goes to sleep it won’t wake back up until you press the on switch again, this could be handy to safe you power over night but also means that at times after inactivity with your computer you are gong to go back on expecting to hear audio and receive none.

The speakers will set you back around $249, which may seem like a lot when you consider these are only really 2.0 speakers but as they are actually designer speakers with a great look and great sound, which is why I actually think that price is pretty decent, you can pick a pair up and find more information from Audyssey themselves, or if you live outside the US or Canada like us, you can pick up a pair from the Apple Store for around £179.

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