A lot of us might like to think that we are good drivers, but a lot of the time, that’s not always true and sometimes a helping hand could make a huge difference to your driving skill, cost of driving and even knowledge of the car you are driving in, well that’s where the Automatic Smart Driving Assistant device comes in anyway, designed to provide information ranging from how to drive to a more eco-friendly standard, all the way too notifying the police if you get in a crash.

Automatic can also provide you with details on any maintenance issues with your car, including instructions on how to fix them, and can be used as GPS tracker, letting you or your family know where you last parked your car.

Check out the video below for a quick look, its pretty cool stuff.

Automatic will only work in US based cars that have a gasoline engine and have been sold in the US since 1996, but will be able to link with both iPhone and Android smartphones.

Source: Automatic

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