The UK government has this week revealed new plans to expand autonomous cars in the UK.

This is as according to a recent report by The Guardian, who interviewed the UK’s chancellor, George Osborne.

In the report, Osborne revealed some of what he will be announcing during his budget delivery on Wednesday, one of those plans is to get driverless cars on the UK’s roads as soon as next year.

He plans to do this in order to boost the UK’s economy, or as so he plans to do.

“Driverless cars could represent the most fundamental change to transport since the invention of the internal combustion engine. Naturally, we need to ensure safety, and that’s what the trials we are introducing will test.”

In order to trial this new autonomous technology, some of the UK’s road lanes may be closed in Bristol, Milton Keynes and Greenwich during the trials, all of whom are already preparing for these trials.

There are also plans for a “connected corridor” between Dover and London.

Nissan has already said that it will make its first mass-market autonomous cars at its UK plant in Sunderland, and Jaguar Land Rover plans to begin testing its own self-driving cars in the West Midlands as soon as later this year.

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Source: The Guardian

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