A new charging dock for the Apple Watch has today been launched on Kickstarter, called the AWDock it has been created by Rob Korlaar and OOCKZY in an effort to create a more practical and goo looking charging station for the smartwatch.

“You need to be able to use your Apple Watch at all times. Nothing is more frustrating than a low powered or empty Apple Watch. It’s probably going to happen more often than you would like it to and charging your Apple Watch on your wrist is impossible. With the AWDock you can comfortably use your Apple Watch during charging.

Most scratching happens when you put down and pick up your watch. After some wearing, your watch bands will form around your wrist, making it impossible to charge it flat. You will have to charge it on its side, with a lot more risk of scratching. The AWDock helps to keep your Apple Watch free from nicks and scratches.”

The dock will be available in three different finishes to match the finish you choose for the Apple Watch which includes aluminium, stainless steel and gold.

But to get the dock into production the project is looking to raise €39,000, and at the time of writing they have hit just over €7,000, so they need your help to get the dock going.

To do so you can pledge from €44 for your very own dock.

Before you do however, make sure you check out the video above for a quick look at the dock, and hit up the source link below for more information on the dock.

Source: Kickstarter

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