For some time we have been asking if the fingerprint sensor will be embedded on the iPhone 8 or if it will be placed somewhere else, rumours seem to go back and forth on this question with some stating that it will be on the back and others saying that it will be under the rumoured OLED display.

Today another leak was released that shows the rear panel of the rumoured smartphone, showing pretty much what we have seen before, however, it doesn’t show a spot for a fingerprint sensor, so it is possible that the sensor won’t be placed there.

What it does seem to show is a vertical dual camera setup.

It also seems to be made from glass, which links to previous rumours that we have heard, suggesting that the iPhone 8 will feature a glass front and back along with a stainless steel chassis.

Other rumours have also suggested that the iPhone 8 will feature an OLED display along with some better internals that includes the new Apple A11 processor and some more RAM. Of course, these are just rumours right now.

It is suggested that the iPhone 8 will be launched alongside the iPhone 7S and the 7S Plus at some point in September.

When we hear the official news we will update you.


Source: Slashleaks

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