Rock Jaw Audio recently launched a new project on the Kickstarter website for a new pair of headphones called the Sentio, which took over two years to develop according to the company, and feature an industrial metal design that makes them look pretty cool, featuring rotating metal wheels on the exterior of each earcup.

They are also the world’s first headphones that can be switched between open and closed back by using these wheels, allowing them to be used in a variety of scenarios and with a variety of genres of music.

Each of the earcups also packs a total of two drivers, with the second one kicking in when you’re in the open-back mode.

You can back the headphones on Kickstarter now, an early bird deal will allow you to pre-order a Sentio for just £130, with options for a microphone attachment and clip-on Bluetooth receiver.

They are looking for a total of £65,000 in backing to get into production.

Source: Kickstarter

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