Bang & Olufsen has today announced its new BeoLink Multiroom product, allowing users to connect their B&O compatible speakers to create sound that follows you around the home.

Basically it allows users to turn older B&O products into a modern one, similar to the Sonos products. All of which works at the touch of a button, just leave one room and as you enter the other simply tap the button of the B&O speaker that you want to continue playing the music.


This joined with the BeoRemote and BeoMusic app that allows users to put the multiroom system into standby mode when leaving the house, link or unlink speakers between rooms and event control B&O televisions.

B&O explains:

“To add more rooms to your experience, simply touch to join. In the living room you might tap the BeoPlay A9 speaker to join the Multiroom experience, and in your kitchen you may click the wall-mounted BeoSound Essence to let the music flow from the source.”

BeoLink Multiroom will also adapt to the users listening patterns to learn what the user enjoys, allowing it to automatically start your favourite music at the start of the day.

There will also be a BeoLink Converter that allows users to link older systems like the BeoSound 9000 and BeoGram 4000 with the multiroom system.

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