Today Bang & Olufsen announced the launch of a new set of floor standing speakers that are named the BeoLab 50.

These speakers borrow some of the tech that was used in the companies flagship, BeoLab 90 but has actually been designed to replace the BeoLab 5, all with the aim of creating a more consumer-friendly version of the BeoLab 90.

One of the first things you will notice is the design.

It doesn’t resemble anything that we have really seen before, featuring a large curved design that gives the impression that the speaker is floating on the floor.

The curved aluminium then wraps the whole way around to the top of the speaker where you will find the Acoustic Lens perched on the highest point.

Around the sides, you will also find oak wood lamellas that cover the drivers alongside a grille on the front.

But inside of speaker is really where the interesting stuff rests. There are seven drivers in the BeoLab 50 in total, which include 3 10-inch woofers, 3 4-inch midrange drives and a single 0.74-inch tweeter.

This is all powered by 7,300 Watt amplifiers, leading to a total audio output of 2,100 watts. B&O also built in their Active Room Compensation technology, which uses a set of external microphones to analyse the room around the speaker and measure the acoustic properties of that room to adjust the sound for that particular room.

As we mentioned earlier, the speaker also features their Acoustic Lens tech, which is what you see at the top of the speaker.

This lens pops out of the top of the speaker when you turn it on and can be positioned to disperse sound around the room in a narrow or wide position, similar to what Dyson’s fans can do.

To finish that off, the BeoLab 50 has digital optical, USB, RCA and S/P-DIF connections also with support for wireless connections over the WiSA platform.

However, all of this doesn’t come cheap.

The Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 50 will be available this month for £22,930 per pair.

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