With Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference kicking off in only a week, the company is already getting ready by dressing Moscone West in San Francisco with some branding that will go alongside the event.

One of the biggest banners to be put up is the one pictured above, depicting a large blue banner with an underwater esk background and the letter eight, which has of course been written in Apple’s usual font.

This likely reveals the upcoming announcement of the next Apple made mobile OS, iOS 8 during the event.

As of yet we don’t know anything about the new iOS version yet, however given the colour scheme of the entire event, it could be likely that the new OS might not differ too much from the current iOS 7, with a few new features that Apple are bound to talk a lot about during the event, and are likely to be some of the main features to be included in the long-rumoured iPhone 6.

Rumours also suggest that Apple might announce a new version of OS X during the event, and possibly even other hardware updates to their Mac, Apple TV and other lines, with news expected to be revealed on the recent Beats buyout.

However we won’t know the official stuff until the event kicks off on June 2nd, with more coming until the end of the event on June 6th.

Source: Twitter

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