Android Pay has not yet launched in the UK, it is coming soon, but it seems like it is not coming soon enough for Barclays.

After launching support for Apple Pay in April, Barclays has decided to go it alone on Android, adding the ability to make contactless payments through its own app, ahead of the Android Pay launch.

The feature will be launched in June, and will allow users to make contactless payments with their smartphone’s NFC chip to allow customers to pay for items up to £30.

Barclays Contactless Mobile will work at 400,000 contactless locations in the UK, with support for the London transport network, including buses and the overground and underground stations, as well as at various stores and other locations.

This will be added to the existing Barclays Mobile Banking app as an update in the next update, and will work with both Barclaycard debit and credit cards.

You will also be able to make payments over £30 with the app, as long as it is not more than £100, however, for anything over £30 you will need to enter your PIN into your phone.

We don’t yet know if Barclays will support Android Pay when it launches in the next few months, but given that it has announced this, it is unlikely.

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