The developer of the Pocket God franchise, Bolt Creative has today announced that Barnes & Noble will be stocking their new range of Pygmy toys.

The new range has been produced by a company called Funko who are based in Seattle, and includes 5 inch collector Vinyl Figurines which are available in our Pygmy styles, Happy Pygmy, Warrior Pygmy, Zombie Pygmy, and the Moon Witch.

Alongside the 5 inch figurines, there will also be a set of 16 2.5 inch blind Box figurines, each packaged in an art collector box, which will hide the style of the Pygmy until opened.

Co-creator of Pocket-God and Bolt Creative CEO Dave Castelnuovo, said the following about the launch of the new toys:

“Pocket God is here to stay, and partnering with Barnes & Noble is a great way for us to ensure that our beloved Pygmies cross over successfully into the real world the same way they have in the digital space”

All of the toys will be available from any Barnes & Noble store or through their website,

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