EA has today launched Battlefield 1 on their ‘Play First Trial’ feature, which allows you to play the game before it officially launches on the Xbox One.

You do need to be playing on the Xbox One to take advantage of it, and you need to be subscribed to the EA Access subscription, but as long as you have done both of those, you can download the trail for the game today.

That trial will allow you to play ten hours of in-game time of Battlefield 1, with access to four of the game’s multiplayer maps, four of the game’s multiplayer modes, and the game’s single-player campaign, before it officially launches.

Well, some of the story anyway.

There will be three campaign missions available, including Storm of Steel and the War Story, Through Mud and Blood.

And after you complete the ten-hour-trial you will get a battlepack that can be used when the game releases, at which point all of the progress that you made in the trial will carry over.

So go ahead and get that download starting, while you wait for it to do that, you can check out the trailer below.

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