It’s been a few weeks of teasing since DICE revealed their latest DLC pack for Battlefield 3, named Armored Kill which comes packed with a ton of new maps, weapons and vehicles.

Finally the pack has a release date, well to be accurate there’s actually four, the first is for PlayStation 3 owners who are subscribed to Battlefield Premium, who will get early access to the pack from September 4th, next up is all the other Battlefield Premium subscribers on Xbox 360 and PC, who will receive the pack a week later on September 11th.

After which DICE will allow all the non-battlefield premium subscribers using the PS3 to download the pack on September 18th, which will be followed by the rest of the players on both Xbox 360 and PC on September 25th.

So basically it’s very bad news if you don’t own a PS3 or aren’t subscribed to the Battlefield Premium service, if you do want the pack early you can subscribe to the service and receive the pack at no extra cost, as will everyone else who is already subscribed.

But by the end of September every player who owns the game will receive the same pack which will include some of the biggest maps in Battlefield history, with a new Tank Superiority game mode, ATV’s and mobile artillery.

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