I’m sure by now you have heard of a small service called Call of Duty: Elite, but have you heard of Battlefield Premium? Well if this next rumor is anything to go by then you will do very soon.

As Gamers Unity, a gaming blog has just released a fact sheet for the new service that brings some light to the previously unknown service, the first of which is the cost at $50 a month you will get the same stuff Elite gives you such as perks, maps, early access and exclusive online and in-game content, but for Battlefield.

As of yet that’s all we know but I am willing to bet that this will be announced during this year’s E3, I am even more confident as Battlefield has practically confirmed it through Twitter:

Excitement for ?#BF3? Premium can’t be contained! More details & info coming to http://Battlefield.com and this feed June 4th.

Check out the fact sheet below and let us know what you think.

[via GamersUnity.de]

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