In celebration of the upcoming reveal of the new Battlefield game, DICE has today revealed that they will be offering DLC for both Battlefield 4 and Hardline this week for free.

Included in the deal will be the Battlefield 4: Dragon’s Teeth DLC and the Battlefield Hardline: Robbery DLC, both of which are now available for free on all platforms which the game is available, so PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

Dragon’s Teeth adds a total of four new Urban Asian maps as well as the Chain Link mode, a range of new gadgets and an unmanned ground vehicle to Battlefield 4.

Battlefield Hardline’s DLC will bring a total of four new maps, including The Docks, Break Pointe, Museum, and Precinct 7, these come alongside the Squad Heist game mode and a range of new weapons and gadgets.

DICE has also revealed that they plan to expand the release of free DLCs over the next few months.

“Over the next few months we’ll be giving away previously released expansion packs for both games to anyone playing on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Origin for PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 3”

If you want to take advantage of this, we advise to do so now, as they will only be available for free until May 10th.

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