You might have noticed that we don’t really post guides or tutorials here on TechNutty, in fact we never have! However we the recent we have brought new Wiki pages to the site, and I thought that it would be cool to launch a few of my own guides to kick off the new pages.

So that’s what I did during the course of today, ready to go, we have today posted a set of new class set-up guides that will take you through the guns, gadgets, field upgrades and strategies for the recon, support, assault and engineer classes.

At the moment the guides are only available to authors here at TechNutty, but I have been told that we will be launching them to other readers soon, so when we do make sure to post some of your own guides and show me up, or in the meantime you can send one over to us via our contact page.

Anyway if you want to check out the new guides, hit up some of the links below.


Battlefield 4 Class Guide: Recon

Battlefield 4 Class Guide: Engineer

Battlefield 4 Class Guide: Assault

Battlefield 4 Class Guide: Support

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