A couple of weeks ago Bayan Audio revealed their latest product, the StreamPort Universal wireless audio adapter, that they claim will “Transform your Sound System with Wireless in less than 60 Seconds”, basically allowing you to connect up your existing audio equipment and stream music to it without the need for extra cables.

The system will allow you to stream from a range of smartphones, tables and laptops with Bluetooth A2DP capabilities, alongside which the StreamPort Universal also includes NFC, so you can auto-pair your compatible device via Secure Simple Pairing technology, reducing the need for any complicated set-ups, as long as you have to compatible equipment that is.

As the device supports both 3.5mm jack and RCA input, you can connect a wide range of sound systems to it, ranging from a Hi-Fi all the way up to a simple iPod dock, in terms of devices you can stream from, the StreamPort is compatible with the iPod, iPhone, iPad, various Android and Windows Phone handsets, as well as various Android tablets including the Google Nexus.

The device also supports Windows 8 tablets, the Kindle Fire HD, Macs, Ultrabooks, notebooks, netbooks and various other laptops.

The StreamPort Universal is available in black from www.bayanaudio.com for £59.99 inc VAT, a white version will be released from March 5th for the same price at the same place.

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