We are forever striving to get rid of those tangled cables around the house,they are probably one of the most annoying features within any home entertainment system, just when you think there all neat and tify, you go back in a few weeks later and there all tangled again, leaving you to try to untangle it all just to get to a single plug.

Bayan Audio’s StreamPort Universal audio streamer is one answer to help you get rid of a few annoying cables, allowing you to stream near-CD quality sound from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or in fact most any other device with a Bluetooth connection.

You simply plug-in a set of speakers and the power cable into the StreamPort after which, all you have to do is connect to the device itself, which can be done easily and quickly with the integrated NFC connectivity and Secure Simple Pairing technology, allowing you to connect you NFC capable device in 60 seconds or less, well according to Bayan anyway.

The StreamPort will work with many different Bluetooth enabled devices, including various iOS, Android and Windows Phone smartphones, alongside Mac’s, Ultrabooks and laptops.

In terms of audio systems you can connect anything thing a speaker dock all the way up to a home stereo system, wither with a 3.5mm jack or via the RCA ports around the back.


The design of the StreamPort Universal looks great, with a sleek black plastic body, the StreamPort is extremely small, meaning that it can fit easily into any system.

On the bottom of the StreamPort there’s also a nice rubber pad, which means it won’t go sliding about all over the place when you move stuff around.

During testing, I found that the StreamPort worked impressively well, audio streaming was without lag and sound was ass crisp as you would expect it to be, with a great range

When you first pick up the StreamPort you immediately know how to use it, pairing a device is as easily as sliding it across the top (NFC devices only), or holding down the button for a few seconds, there’s no codes to type in and no tricky manuals to try to decipher,

If you need something to kill off that pile of wires behind your sound system, or just want something to fit in with your multi-tasking life, the StreamPort Universal is available from Bayan Audio for £59.99.

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Disclosure: Bayan Audio did send us the StreamPort Universal for review purposes, these are however my honest opinions.

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