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When you hear the word 3D, generally a 3D movie at the cinema or on your TV at home comes to mind, even thou the amount of people who actually do this is extremely small, to change this the BBC are planning to bring 3D to the radio as well as the big screen.

This new 3D radio will being broadcasts to the airwaves bringing an entirely new form of entertainment, the aim of which is to provide an brilliant audio alongside a new form of technology to make the music feel like its actually around you.

In an interview the BBC’s leas research and development technologist, Frank Melchior said this:

We want to deliver a new experience to the audience that gives them more immersion and involvement in the content. We also have to make sure we are flexible enough in the delivery of this content. It has to sound OK on headphones as well as on speakers.”

This sounds incredible and if the project turns out alright it could mean an entirely new way of indulging in the worlds media, without the need of new stereo equipment.

[via Telegraph]

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