This is defiantly news I have been waiting a long time to reveal, with the PS3 and the Wii being the only consoles with access to BBC’s iPlayer service, I am extremely excited that I can finally watch brilliant programmes such as Sherlock, Top Gear and other great BBC made programmes on my Xbox.

Up to now, Xbox has managed to bag some great services including Channel 4 and 5, Netflix, Lovefilm and Sky Player. But in the past they had some issues with getting iPlayer due to the BBC wanting their service available for non-Xbox live subscribers, Stephen McGill mentioned this about the new addition to Xbox Live.

“We are delighted that BBC iPlayer is now available on Xbox LIVEXbox 360 was the best-selling console in the UK and globally last year, while Xbox LIVE is one of the UK’s leading comprehensive VoD entertainment services on TVs. The addition of BBC iPlayer takes the service to the next level.”

The application will be more or less the same as apps on other consoles, but will include Kinect features specific to the Xbox. This will allow you to navigate the app using hand gestures and voice commands, alongside this the app will be completely free as well as being available to anyone with a Xbox, meaning you won’t need an Xbox-Live subscription to use the service, but is currently only available in the UK.

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