The BBC has this week revealed that they will be launching a dedicated version of its BBC iPlayer application for children in 2016.

This will be separate from the previously talked about iPlay service, but will still allow children to access dedicated content just for them, all on their iPad or Android tablet.

The dedicated app will basically remove all content that is inappropriate for a young user’s age range, with easier access to CBBC and CBeebies.

This is a particular interest to the BBC has children’s content was some of the most accessed content on the full version of iPlayer, with the BBC revealing that there were over 500 million downloads of children’s content in the first six months of 2015, and 25 per cent of children accessing CBBC via the on demand service.

With this the BBC has decided to create a dedicated app just for them.

“It will be their very own BBC iPlayer app making it easy and fun for children to find their favourite CBBC and CBeebies shows and discover new BBC programmes in a safe environment that’s designed just for them,” said director of BBC Children, Alice Webb.

“Parents can also be confident that the app only contains content suitable for children. So, whether it’s in the back of the car on a long journey with a tablet or on the bus to school on a mobile, kids will be able to watch their favour shows wherever they are, whenever they want to.”



The BBC will still be working on the iPlay service that they previously announced, this service will allow for access to much more than just streaming video, allowing for access to a range of content from the BBC and their trusted partners.

This will be content from a range of platforms with web, games, audio and film clips and all ad-free.

As of yet they have not revealed an exact time or date as to when iPlay will be announced.


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