For us Brits a huge thing that is missing from the new Apple TV currently is BBC iPlayer, which has yet to grace Apple’s new set-top box. Thankfully though at some point the app will be making its way to Apple’s new TV platform.

We know this because the BBC tweeted earlier today to announced that they will be offering iPlayer support on Apple TV.

The Tweet does not say when iPlayer will arrive on Apple TV, aside from stating that it will be here in the coming months, but it will be the first time that the BBC has brought iPlayer to the Apple TV, despite it being a huge entertainment platform.

The reasons for this change of heart are currently unknown, however one could assume that it is due to Apple’s new developer friendly tvOS, which makes it easy for developers to move an application from the iPhone or iPad to the Apple TV.

It could be also be due to the BBC’s plans to launch a US service next year.

We don’t know if the app will also be coming to older Apple TV versions or not yet.

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