The director general of the BBC, Lord Hall has today revealed his plans to reinvent the BBC iPlayer service by 2020 to change the service into a “must-visit destination”.

In his report, he stated that that he wants the iPlayer service to become the number one online TV service in the UK, to achieve that he has a number of plans, including creating a number of programmes that will be available in their entirety on iPlayer, before they are released on television.

This is similar to how Netflix and Amazon Video works, releasing a full series in one go and allowing viewers to binge-watch them if they so choose to., as well as running more “slow news”, which is basically more in-depth analysis of breaking news and topics

Despite this report, BBC iPlayer is already an extremely popular service in the UK.

In 2016 they revealed average monthly requests to the service at 243 million, however, Hall wants this to be even larger, aiming to make these new changes by 2020 and then creating an “irresistible” experience to all audiences by 2022.

That all said, the fact that you need to pay a £145.50 annual fee might put a lot of people off.

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