In September of last year the BBC announced some new changes to their iPlayer streaming service, revealing that not only will you need a TV license but you will also need to have a login.

They revealed that from next year, they will be requiring users to log into iPlayer in order to watch content.

They said that they are doing this to provide more tailored content and more features.

The BBC explained more with the following:

Today’s developments are the latest stage in reinventing public service broadcasting by using data. A more personal BBC means helping viewers and listeners find more of what they like through more personalised experiences, and – using data – the BBC will be better informed to make decisions around future programming for everyone.

Since last year, over seven million people have signed into the BBC or registered for a BBC account to benefit from more personalised experiences. Given this, the BBC is announcing the next stages:

The first phase will take place this week when the BBC rolls-out a new sign-in system which is more robust and secure than the current one.

The second phase will be in early 2017, when the BBC will ask all viewers and listeners to sign in to BBC iPlayer, BBC iPlayer Radio and some of its mobile apps – to enjoy a more tailored BBC experience.

To get started with the new login, you will need to register for a BBC iD, which is a BBC account that you can register for on BBC iPlayer and on other BBC websites. If you already have one then it will now work with BBC iPlayer, however, if you don’t then the BBC are showing a handy message to let you know about the changes.

This account is available for free, however, you still have to pay the £147 yearly TV license fee.

You can read more about the news at the source link below.

Source: BBC

[Update: May 12th, 2017: We have updated this article with new information as the time that you’ll need to log in draws closer.]

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