The BBC has this week announced that it will be launching a new gaming show on BBC Radio 1.

The show will be hosted by the YouTuber Julia Hardy and will follow on from the pilot that aired back in December last year, it will be named “The Radio One Gaming Show” and will begin broadcasting  in March 2016.

The show will provide information about new game releases, previews, catch-ups and more.

BBC’s head of visual radio Joe Harland explains more:

Radio One has wanted to do video games for a very long time. But games are a very difficult thing to get right, particularly when you are a radio station and the audience can’t see what’s happening. Now Radio One has an iPlayer channel on your TV, on all your devices. So we have our platform, we’ve got a presenter in Julia Hardy, who is brilliant and great at all the different disciplines of broadcasting that we need her to do, and has significant expertise.

The young gaming audience wants programmes about individual titles. You want to make specific programmes about specific titles, creating content for specific types of gamer. What we don’t want to do is go out and say ‘this is a show for literally every gamer’, because I don’t think it’s possible to do something so broad. What we’re doing is a monthly programme that can excite specific types of gamer.

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