I was more impressed than I thought with this years London Olympics, which were covered by the BBC via live streams of all of the events and ceremonies during the Olympics.

Today on the BBC’s Internet blog, Cait O’Riordon the Head of Product for Sport has revealed same of the record-breaking digital viewer stats.

Up to now all of the streams have been published across the BBC’s Sports site and mobile app, allowing users to stream the games on their desktop, mobile, tablet, connected TV or Red Button services.

Which is probably the main reason the site had over 7.8 million global users on the BBC Sport site on Saturday, 5.6 million of which were UK users, which means that the BBC has just set a global and UK records.

On Sunday however they did even better, breaking their own record set the day before with 8.3 million users worldwide, 6.1 million of which resided in the UK.

And users didn’t just pack themselves into the BBC Sport site, with 1.15 million downloads of the BBC Sport Olympic App, with 55% of views coming from the non-desktop service during the Sunday steam.

The BBC iPlayer app also saw a surge in views, with 1.7 million requests for the Olympic Opening Ceremony video, 925 thousand of which were on Sunday alone, setting the record for the number of views in a single day for one programme.

This is really great news for the BBC, and in-fact the whole of Britian as it shows we can manage a great Olympics after all.

Via [The Next Web and BBC Internet Blog]

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