I’m sure that when Ultra HD was invented it was not for this purpose, but the BBC have today announced that their next wildlife series will feature meerkats, and will be featured in Ultra HD.

The show will be called Survival, and once aired will allow the very few UK licence fee payers that can afford a 4KTV, to watch Meerkats in the clearest of quality.

This is not the start of the BBCs 4K love affair however, as the broadcaster has been trailing UHD film since 2008, when the devices first started to show up on the floor of CES, they even filmed certain parts of the London 2012 Olympics in 8K ready for the next generation of viewers.

There’s no scheduled release date for the programme yet as the sheer size of ultra HD files has slowed down production, however there probably isn’t much of a rush to get this stuff out there.

Via: Telegraph and Techradar (Image)

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